This Marlee instrument has been constructed

from the highest quality tone woods available. The

instruments' design and construction have been the

product of the builder's experience, dedication and patience.

The maker realizes that future events may require

that the instrument be adjusted or repaired. 

Rightfully, the maker is responsible for correcting faults

which appear to have been the result of the

maker's oversight or misjudgment.

Lack of care or thoughtlessness on the part of the owner

(i.e., ignoring the precautions in the Proper Care Guidelines)

should rightly transfer financial responsibility for repairs to the owner.

In the event that precise responsibility for future repair or adjustment

is unclear, only the exercise of reasonable compromise by both parties

can resolve whatever disputes may arise. 

In this spirit, the maker pledges to correct or repair,

in a timely fashion, any problem related

to faults in materials or construction that affect

the proper functioning of the instrument at no charge to the owner,

for as long as the original purchaser IS the owner.


  the maker will not, without proper remuneration,

repair or replace those parts of the instrument which

wear and wear out during the normal course of use.

These parts include: strings, tuning machines, nut, saddle,

fingerboard, frets, finish and case.

Warranty responsibility for on-board and off-board electronic equipment

falls to the equipment manufacturer.

The builder will not pay for freight for the

instrument if it must be shipped to or from the builder.